KOA makes the same security rules as all international airports put out and strictly complied by the TSA. For those who have been flying by airport services, this is not new. These methods comprise the standard routines observed by a bulk of domestic and international airports worldwide. Thus, all passengers are rigorously required to read these rules and carefully follow them.

TSA Security

Passengers don't necessarily have to go through Immigration when leaving the United States. People are required to fill in the immigration card, which will be handed to the airport staff, especially if their flight is not domestic. If you don't follow this procedure, you will be delayed at the port of entry. Notwithstanding, for those who entered the US under the visa waiver program and have the ESTA, there is no need to fill the immigration form. This service had since been discontinued in May 2013.

The KOA airport security wait times are distinctive and fluctuate contingent upon several components, including intense weather limitations, TSA staffing, airport development, etc. Utilizing modern technology, wait times at Ellison Onizuka Kona airport are anticipated, however, that extreme outliers are inside five minutes in precision, as approved by large US airlines.

The TSA encourages that all travelers arrive at the airport three hours ahead of scheduled flights. It has also made available security checkpoint wait time information as a way to ease travel plans. Take note of the fact that each airline has a required arrival time.

Airlines still request that you report at the check-in counter, the flight's departure gates, and in your selected seat ahead of flight's departure time.

Legal Documents

Whether on a domestic or international flight, all passengers are obligated to present legal identification. While on a national trip, only a valid national ID card will be required to board the flight, an international flight, requires a valid international passport (especially for passengers under a visa waiver program), a valid visa issued by the state for travel. At all boarding gates, security posts, and checkpoints, passengers are needed to produce their legal passports and IDs. It is imperative to have your legal documents with you always, to keep a strategic distance from discomfort.

Security Checkpoints

Before your entry into the traveler concourse at Ellison Onizuka International Airport, you must go through a TSA checkpoint where your hand luggage is screened for restricted items.

The first part of security is one-on-one with competent TSA staff who use UV scanners to read for counterfeit or changed documents. The scanners are sophisticated and intelligent enough to detect explosives.

Diminish the tension from your travel by organizing for airport security before your arrival.

The KOA checkpoints open from 4:45 am till 10:30 pm every day for security checks. TSA advises guests to arrive 2 hours prior to scheduled takeoff time for internal flights and 3 hours for international flights. For further information concerning security checks, visit; https://www.tsa.go.


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